K. o. by salmon: A man’s life is in danger – his disease, Allergy disguised as a Fish

The mysterious attacks begin in the middle of the night: The man, a 55-year-old craftsman, moves krampfend at night, strange, and twisted up with the eyes. His wife wakes up from the twitching and alerted the rescue service. Before the Arrival of the physician, the man wakes up briefly from his state to suffer only after a further seizure.

The Doctors are faced with a puzzle: Aside from a slightly high blood pressure nothing seems to the man to be missing. Further studies indicate that there is neither epilepsy, nor a heart attack or a Tumor in the brain.

Three weeks later, the next attack happens: The man is evil, it is all about. And this Time, there is a concrete suspicion of what might be missing in the man Shortly before the attack he had eaten a Paella with fish. The man reacts allergic to fish? Hear all the exciting case in the new Podcast.

The Podcast “The diagnosis” with Dr. Anika Geisler every two weeks – on Audio Now, the new platform of RTL Radio Deutschland, and on Spotify and iTunes. So far have appeared in the series:

“The diagnosis” with this episode in the summer break. 22. August, the next patient story will appear as a Podcast.