Age, there’s more!

Sex in old age – the finally no longer taboo: ten years Ago, the film’s Director Andreas Dresen brought his Film “cloud 9” on the market, the 70-year-old Inge and the soon 80-year-old Karl fall in love and during Sex. Today, even pharmacies guide pointed to the salutary effect of Seniorensex: The circuit comes on the trot, and the metabolism. The body produces the anti-stress cuddle hormone Oxytocin as well as endorphins, which increase our feelings of happiness.

And it’s fun. At least, that’s the British Annie and John, both over 70 years old, now in a new film production in front of the camera, respectively.

John and Annie met in 2013, when Online Dating to know, it was love at first sight. Up to this point the story sounds like a senior citizens romance for the Sunday evening in the ZDF – now is the time the Sex comes into play. His way of sleeping together, the Couple Soulsex. And because it is convinced that a lot more people should be on this type of operate, planning both an educational documentary on the subject.

Where women are not allowed more than moan

In your Research you came across the Swedish porn Director Erika Lust. You wrote your short decided to E-Mail, which began with the words: “We are John and Annie, and we believe that there is another Form of Sex.” It ended with the offer, to be protagonists of their next film.

Erika Lust, you need to know, is not a porn Director in the conventional sense, but the pioneer of feminist erotic films. For almost 15 years, been mixing it up with your productions men’s embossed the porn industry. In her films, women are no longer groaning of the objects are reduced to their private parts in close-up, but individuals with their own sexual needs.

It is only logical that the Swede is now a new group in the scene. “Society has convinced us that old people are unimportant, and the older body are largely missing in the adult industry,” says Lust. “Pornography has never been for your careful dealing with marginalized groups, and this is also true for older models.”

In the Video: senior Dating “I’m not too old for Sex”

Once a day Soulsex

For this reason, the desire was immediately ready for the movie “Soulsex with John & To produce Annie”. In the first half of the two tell of their first meeting, their love. The two make beautiful compliments, and laugh a lot. Every day, tell you are happy, you have Sex, sometimes multiple times, but definitely every Morning.

One is tempted to believe the elderly have a lot of time – and the are always so early Wake up, why the senile bed escape should not drive a because of time on the other side of the peace camp?

But it is worth a closer listen, if John and Annie share their experiences. The “Soulsex” it’s not about erections and orgasms, but to mindfulness and relaxation. It does not include results, but it’s the attempt “to connect with the Divine,” as the spiritual John says.

If the Penis is not involved

How this works, shows the Couple in the second half of the film, here’s the practical part begins, so to speak. John and Annie start with a kind of prayer, full of declarations of love. They hold each other firmly in the Arm, before you head to the Horizontal. Then this older body to make love with the lights on. Erika Lust has nothing retouched or over makeup, wrinkles, and body steady, and birthmarks. But everything is aesthetically pleasing, it feels right – the question could be, why the Divine thing just stays private.

In addition to the protagonists and the action, something else distinguishes this Film from all similar productions: It’s the missing directed male member. “John’s Penis did not want to play in front of all the cameras and the Crew,” explains Annie. “We both prevented from to make a wonderful experience, and it shows that it is also possible, if the man has no erection.”

If a male porn producer would publish a sex scene in which the main character has no erection? Probably not, but it is also a man by the name of John, which is about exactly such issues, and thus its true size shows.

Sex with a cuddly factor

Also for Erika Lust the shots were with the 70-year-old performers a new experience. The two had spent a lot of time to touch each other, to cuddle, to hold and to look at. “The sex scene with John, and Annie is completely different than most of what you can see online,” says Lust. “The Film does away with the notions that the man should always have an erection, that Sex is a Contest with orgasm as the goal, and that a man can have an orgasm if his Penis is not erect fully.”

It is then, “Soulsex with John & Annie” at all to be Pornographic? “That was the Only thing that we have made us a little Worried,” says John. “By Definition, pornography written, visual, or audio material is sexually explicit in nature, meant to encourage the recipients and excite’.” But that is definitely not the Intention of your movie. “We want rather to inform those who are interested.”

Wrinkles disappeared, Kilos also

Erika Lust don’t like the term Porn, anyway, for you it is connected with violence, chauvinism, and take note of the fact. She prefers to speak of “adult films”, and the term fits.

And what of the positive side effects that have Sex on the aging process, as various studies suggest? John and Annie to confirm it is such a joy, thanks to Soulsex you will feel a lot younger, their skin has become softer, with the disappearance of wrinkles. “John has lost 13 pounds, and he must take no blood pressure drugs,” explains Annie.

Friends and family notice the, often ask: “What are you doing?” Now you can watch for a fee on the Internet.