Bekah Martinez Says She Didn't Plan to Nurse 17-Month-Old Daughter 'This Long': 'Here We Are'

Martinez also recently answered questions from her followers on her Instagram Story, including how her sex life with Leonard has changed since having kids together.

She explained that they never really nailed down a sex life to compare their current flame to since they conceived their first child, Ruth, early in their relationship.

"Honestly … I got prego three months into dating. we didn't have a 'sex life' really established before pregnancy and kids so we've kind of never known any different with each other 😬," she wrote on Sunday, over a photo of herself smiling next to Leonard.

The reality star opened up about the initial struggle in becoming pregnant at the early stages of her relationship, describing the time as "so f—ing hard."

"Wanted to break up a million times. it sucked," she wrote. "I felt guilty for wanting to end the pregnancy initially. i worried my child's parents would hate each other. but we made it. and came out stronger than ever."

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She also shared how back-to-back pregnancies impacted her, noting that she plans to take a bit of a break before she welcomes any more children.

"It's nice to have *just* gone through the newborn stage and stuff last year because i feel used to it and prepared and i still have all the gear," Martinez continued. "And i'm hopeful they'll be super close with each other as they grow up together only a year apart."

"But MAMA needs a break," she said, "and it's not easy on your body or mental health to feel like you've been pregnant for like two years straight."

"I will be taking a break for a bit and will probably want to have a couple years in between future children rather than just 16 months!" the mother of two added.

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