Pregnant Margo Price Bares Her Bump in Maternity Photos — and Reveals Why There's No Birth Plan

Margo Price is ready to meet her baby girl.

The country singer-songwriter, 35, is currently expecting a daughter with husband Jeremy Ivey, who will join their 8-year-old son Judah. It’s a bittersweet experience for the mom-to-be, who lost Judah’s twin brother Ezra due to a heart ailment two weeks after the boys’ birth in 2010.

“This time around has been completely different than my first,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively of her pregnancy, sharing a collection of photos from her stunning maternity photo shoot. “My first pregnancy was incredibly difficult because I was carrying twins but this time around I am carrying a girl and my first was with boys. I had a lot more morning sickness and headaches with the girl than I did the two boys.”

“With my first pregnancy, I found out at 17 weeks that one of my twins had a heart problem called hypoplastic left heart syndrome,” she adds. “It made the whole experience incredibly stressful, so it’s been nice to have a single, healthy pregnancy this time.”

In the rest of her candid Q&A with PEOPLE, the “Hurtin’ (On the Bottle)” songstress discusses her balance of work and motherhood, her (lack of a) birth plan, the reason she wanted a maternity photo shoot this time around and more.

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PEOPLE: What are you most looking forward to as a mom?

Margo Price: I’m already a mother of an 8-year-old boy who is the center of my universe. I’m excited for him to have a sibling and so is he. I have always loved children and wanted to have a big family. My career takes up a lot of time and energy but nothing has been as rewarding to me as being a mother.

PEOPLE: Do you have a birth plan?

Margo: No, I actually don’t! I went to a lot of trouble last time of making one and nothing went as planned. I don’t care how the baby gets here as long as she is healthy and safe.

PEOPLE: Why was it important to you to take these maternity photos?

Margo: I didn’t take professional photos during my first pregnancy and I regret it. I’m learning to embrace my body in all stages, especially while with child. I feel more beautiful in this state than I ever have. Women are so strong and powerful — our bodies are amazingly resilient, and I want to be able to document my progress through the whole experience.

PEOPLE: Any fears or worries about going back to the newborn stage after eight years?

Margo: I’m comfortable with everything except cutting newborn fingernails! That scares me so much!

PEOPLE: Have you and your husband decided on a name? Was it an easy decision?

Margo: We have decided on a name but we are keeping it a secret until she’s born. I will give a hint, though: We chose a name from a Bob Dylan song that we both love. And her middle name will be Lynn. Loretta Lynn gave me the blessing to use that name before I even announced the pregnancy publicly, so that has been decided from the beginning.

PEOPLE: How has touring while pregnant been? Is it harder or easier than you expected?

Margo: It was pretty easy once I passed the first trimester. During the first 12 to 13 weeks I was puking my guts out and trying to hide the news from my band. We went to Australia and the flight was over 24 hours. Throwing up on an international flight is something I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

PEOPLE: You’ve done the award-show circuit while pregnant — is it fun getting pampered? Easier or harder to get ready and pick out a dress?

Margo: I have actually been super lucky to have help from stylists and designers that were eager to make me custom pieces. Kimberly Parker designed the most amazing red chiffon dress for the Grammys. She measured me along the way and it fit me like a glove! Plus, having that pregnancy glow is like natural botox or having a a facial every day.

PEOPLE: You have a pretty busy summer coming up — do you plan on bringing baby on the road with you?

Margo: Basically, I’ll jump back in where I left off. I’ll be back out on the road July 9 touring with Chris Stapleton and I’m excited to play Woodstock 50, Floydfest and a bunch of other shows. We are going to nail a crib into the floor of the bus and my mother will be out to nanny for the new baby and my son. I’m so excited play shows again. I miss being on stage!

I think that there is still a big misconception for many people that women have to choose between family and career, but that’s not the case. It’s 2019 and women should feel more liberated than ever to do both.

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