Sexpert reveals way men can last eight times longer during sex

Want to last a little longer in the sack?

Apparently, “edging” could make your sex sessions lengthier.

Sepxert Nadia Bokody revealed all about the technique in a recent YouTube video.

Here are her top tips.

Nadia revealed that edging can help to train your body against premature ejaculation.

The technique, also known as start and stop, involves stimulating the penis and halting just before you ejaculate.

Men are then advised to swerve further stimulation for 30-60 seconds to bring themselves further away from orgasm.

Once they feel more in control, they can continue enjoying some self love.

Taking things down a notch will stop you from reaching climax – and gives you the opportunity to build yourself back up again.

Practicing this technique a few times a week will condition you to have more control when you’re reaching the Big-O.

While you don’t need to purchase any fancy products to try edging, Nadia spoke highly of the £235 device.

She said: “It’s actually the only device to come onto the market for premature ejaculation that doesn’t involve numbing…

“They’ve done clinical trials with this on men who were reaching ejaculation in around 48 seconds.

“After using this device, they managed to extend that to eight minutes and 48 seconds.

“So that’s literally more than eight times longer.”

If you’re worried about premature ejaculation, it’s advisable to seek the advice of your local GP.

Your doctor may then recommend drugs treatment, such as orgasm-delaying anti depressants.

Psychological help may also be offered up.

Couples or individual therapy may help to relieve the anxiety that surrounds PE.

This can make sex less of a stressful experience, which helps chaps to slow things down.

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