Test your Wits at Escape Hour

At Escape Hour, it is all about conquering the challenge it will present to you. There is no doubt you have yet to encounter the tasks here as compared to other quest games. You just need to focus on the task at hand after putting all your personal belongings in a locker room.

Besides, your smartphone will just distract you from getting out of the escape room and going back to your family in Calgary. Edmonton has never experienced an escape room like this. The interiors are well-designed and you can tell they always plan on devising new exit games. They are never satisfied with the same old thing all over again. Some players may do the game again if they failed the first time. They are going to find out that a lot has changed and the exit game just got a bit harder.

The main purpose of the escape room is to make you have fun. There is no question you are going to forget about all your problems and everything else while inside the escape room. The only thing you will think of is how you are going to get out of there which is a lot easier said than done. There will be a time limit and it would be better to just think it in your head rather than look at it from time to time. It will tend to get a bit distracting and you are just going to get pressured into thinking you only have a few time left.

One thing you must never do at Escape Hour is to blame your teammates. They are only there to help you out. You can’t blame some of them if they don’t know what to do. The pressure is getting to them and they can only stop and stare in awe at what is happening in front of them.

If you end up solving the escape room, it calls for a huge celebration. It certainly will encourage you to tell your friends about it. One thing you must never do is to spoil it to them because it is going to ruin the thrill. They may want to try Escapehour too. It won’t be a much of a challenge to them if you already told them what to do. It would be better if they would start from scratch and find their own way out of there.