These Mistakes Are Weakening Your Immune System- Get Rid of These Bad Habits Today

With various illnesses emerging with each passing day, having a good immune system holds immense importance. Sure, it might be just two fluids swimming around your body, namely blood and lymph. Yet, given the circumstances, they are the only things keeping you alive and healthy.

While these two fluids are hard at work protecting your body from antigens, the worst thing you can do is make their job harder. For the time being, we have to give up our careless habits and focus on building our immune system.

With the help of experts, we’ve gathered up common mistakes that we tend to make daily. Here’s how we can turn off those bad habits and strengthen our immune system!

1. Stress Is Your Worst Enemy

If you have a habit of stressing over every minor detail in your life, guess what? You’re already destroying your immunity. Many studies have uncovered a correlation between stress and a weakened immune system.

As a matter of fact, stress produces cortisol hormones, which are responsible for killing white blood cells in your body. Hence, if you find yourself stressing over that pending work or the way your partner said hello that morning, we recommend that you stop immediately.

After all, stressing will get you nowhere. Instead, focus on working your way through the worries. Pending work? Finish it off. Trouble in your relationship? Communicate. Don’t overcomplicate things—ESPECIALLY YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM—by stressing.

2. Sleep Is As Important As Your Morning Coffee

Sleeping for less than six to eight hours every night means that you’re basically inviting the doom of your immune system – no joke. This was, in fact, confirmed through a study conducted by the University of Washington.

When you are sleep deprived, your body is unable to attack antigens with the strength that it is supposed to. As such, binge-watching your TV shows or mindless scrolling through social platforms can wait until the next day. Unless you think they’re worth ruining your immunity for.

3. You Need To Stop Being A Homebody

We get it – leaving the house may not be our thing. Nevertheless, spending some time in your backyard or garden will actually do you more good than harm. If you’ve transformed yourself into a vampire (if you’ve gone nocturnal, in other words), missing out on that everyday dose of Vitamin D is probably taking its toll on your immune system.

On top of that, your stay-in-bed and couch-potato self has been lazy for far too long now. If you care at all about boosting your immunity, you’ll start fixing your ways with some morning sunshine and exercise.

4. Smoking And Drinking Will Render All Your Efforts Null

If you’re a chain smoker or an alcoholic, chances are you’ve already wiped clean what little immunity you might have had left. Our tip? Stop immediately. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking can hinder the function of your immune system by causing it to kill off the healthy cells in your body, rather than the antigens.

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