A Bride Shamed Her Friend With Psoriasis at Her Wedding & Reddit Is Pissed

Weddings are stressful as hell, but that is no excuse to treat your guests poorly, especially when it comes to circumstances out of their control. Unfortunately, one /AmITheAsshole Redditor encountered this firsthand when her just-married friend callously asked her to go home and “cover up” her psoriasis-addled skin for the wedding reception.

User @Wonderful-Target3072 gave this context: She (24F) has a severe case of psoriasis. According to Mayo Clinic, this skin condition causes rashes with flaky, scaly patches. It is incurable and often very painful.

“The psoriasis is all over my body with it stopping right on my neck, and I do have a few spots on the sides of my face near my ears,” @Wonderful-Target3072 explained. “I have medicated cream that helps with the itchiness, and also it helps with the dryness.”

I’ve always been pretty embarrassed as I cannot cake on enough makeup to truly cover my psoriasis as it is textured and thick,” she continued. “And on top of that, no matter what I do or however I attempt to apply said makeup, it always looks horrible. My doctor also recommended not to smother the areas with makeup as it tends to make it worse and itchier.

Enter @Wonderful-Target3072’s friend, the aforementioned bride who recently got married. She was invited to the wedding, which she attended with her boyfriend. Given her self-consciousness about her skin condition, @Wonderful-Target3072 opted for a dress that would “cover my body fairly well, as I really didn’t want to draw any attention to myself.”

She also tested different concealers the week before the wedding to see if any were thick enough to cover her rashes. They weren’t — and they ended up irritating her skin even more.

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