AI, wearables, interoperability new products at HIMSS19

Health IT vendors galore have been introducing new products this week at HIMSS19. Here is another selection of some of the announcements.

Deep learning and virtual desktop

AMAX, a global artificial intelligence, deep learning and enterprise IT technology vendor, has launched its AI/Deep Learning Compute Cluster systems and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure platforms for the healthcare industry.

The company’s AI/Deep-Learning Compute Cluster systems for healthcare are optimized for research, development and large-scale deployments in data centers. Systems address the increasing demand for fully integrated high-performance compute and GPU accelerated compute as well as high-performance storage specific to healthcare applications that are based on AI and deep learning, the company explained.

Built on technologies including the latest generation NVIDIA TESLA GPU compute accelerators, NVMe Flash storage, and Mellanox Ethernet and Infiniband fabric options, AMAX cluster systems feature GPU compute, CPU compute, high-performance, tiered and archival storage building blocks, as well as high-speed compute fabrics and cluster management.

Systems can be custom-configured to a healthcare organization’s particular application and are scalable to facilitate expansion in response to future growth.

AMAX’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure systems for Medical with optional GPU acceleration are designed to provide the increased compute resources required for modern graphics-intensive applications as well as emerging applications including medical rendering, virtualization and AI-based diagnostics, the company explained. Systems are aimed to replace traditional PC and workstation-based deployments in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices.

Advanced analysis of relevant data – such as PACS images used by radiologists, physicians and specialists – and delivering actionable insights are competitive functions that distinguish the best enterprises in healthcare IT from substandard rivals, AMAX contended. AMAX offers purpose-built platforms for healthcare organizations looking for advanced medical computing systems, it added.

AMAX is at HIMSS19 in booth 1202.

Wearable biosensor detection

Elsewhere in the HIMSS19 exhibit hall, VitalConnect, a vendor of wearable biosensor technology for wireless monitoring, has unveiled Vista Solution 2.0, a system that helps caregivers detect specific health outcomes through National Early Warning Scores (NEWS).

Vista Solution 2.0 includes the addition of weight scale, blood pressure and pulse oximetry, and core temperature to the existing eight vital sign measurements monitored by the VitalPatch biosensor – single-lead EKG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, skin temperature, body posture, fall detection and activity.

The VitalPatch is the smallest and lightest FDA Cleared Class II medical device approved for use in both hospital and post-discharge home settings, VitalConnect stated.

The new system, the company contended, will bring intelligent risk reduction for patients, regardless of the intensity of care, into the foreground. With the integrated NEWS standard, the system will advance a physician’s access to information about a patient’s condition around the clock with clinically proven predictive analytics built in, VitalConnect said.

NEWS is an internationally recognized standard used for initial assessments of acute illness and for continuous monitoring of a patient’s well-being throughout treatment.

VitalConnect is at HIMSS19 in booth 5879.


On another front, long-term and post-acute care IT vendor PointClickCare has introduced a new interoperable technology designed to empower hospitals and health systems with the insights required for a coordinated and collaborative approach to care delivery, the vendor stated.

The technology, dubbed Harmony, enables acute and post-acute providers to eliminate data silos between care partners and leverage meaningful insights, the vendor added.

Harmony by PointClickCare, the company further explained, connects acute and post-acute care providers on a secure, simplified and integrated platform.

Platform features, the company described, include: locate, which allows hospitals and health systems to easily discover where their patient is; sync, with meaningful data exchange between care settings, hospitals and health systems can conveniently monitor their discharges to LTPAC facilities, and access up-to-date, detailed patient progress information for efficient decision making; and visualize, which provides a single view of an LTPAC partner’s key performance indicators and metrics, enabling easy evaluation and real-time visibility on patient discharges.

PointClickCare will be at HIMSS19 in booth 2421.

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