Alarming report: the number of mentally-related sick days since 2007, doubled

The number of sick days due to mental health problems has doubled, a media report says that within ten years more than. The number had increased from approximately 48 million in 2007 to 107 million in the year 2017, write to the Newspapers of the Funke media group, citing a reply from the Ministry of labour on a Left-request.

The resulting economic cost of failure have eight therefore, in the same period by EUR 12.4 billion to 33.9 billion euros, almost triple.

Men came according to the report, a significantly higher number of psychologically-related sick days than women. Older Employees reported more psychologically sick than younger people. Most of the sick days, there were 2017 in men between 60 and 65 years (434 days lost to 100 Insured), the least-Insured women between the ages of 15 and 20 years of age (21 days to 100).

Left-wing politicians: "The Federal government looks at our thumbs rotating zu"

According to the Figures, the number of pension increased between 2007 and 2017 tickets due to reduced capacity to work due to mental disorders of around 53.900 on more than 71.300. The Figures are based on social security data and calculations of the Federal Institute for work protection and work medicine. Information for the year 2018 are not available therefore.

The work-policy spokesperson of the left faction, Jutta Krell man, criticized, many employers would "on Verschleiß" drive. "Workers about their exposure getrieben&quot border;, you said the spark of Newspapers. "The Federal government, however, looks thumbs rotating." Not, it was obvious that the current instruments were sufficient. Need a state Anti-Stress regulation and area-wide by the end of labour inspections, said Krell man.