Amazon Choice partners with One Drop on digital diabetes services

Digital health company One Drop is partnering with Amazon to offer its digital therapeutics solutions for people with diabetes and related conditions.


Through the online retail giant’s Choice brand for healthcare devices, customers will have access to One Drop’s diabetes, blood pressure and weight management capabilities, including AI-powered automated decision support.

Choice offers an array of medical devices for monitoring blood glucose and blood pressure — these devices will now integrate directly with the One Drop mobile app.

The mobile app can track and analyze blood sugar, medications, food, and activity, and lets users set daily goals, view progress, and connect with a worldwide diabetes community.

Additionally, Amazon’s Choice customers seeking to improve blood glucose levels, heart health, decrease weight, or prevent the onset of diabetes will be able to enroll in One Drop’s expanded suite of personal coaching programs.

One Drop’s consumer services are available for purchase in-app on Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices. The coaching services span anywhere from seven weeks to six months and range in price depending on the length of the program.


“Of the 30 million Americans living with diabetes, 20 million are also living with high blood pressure,” One Drop founder and CEO Jeff Dachis said in a statement. “There is an urgent need to better serve people managing multiple conditions through simple, convenient, evidence-based health management services on their mobile phones.”

Dachis said the partnership aims to eliminate barriers to disease management by giving Choice customers access to “holistic, hyper-personalized digital care” through his company’s platform.

“We are meeting people where they are and providing essential support when and where it is convenient for them,” Dachis continued. “There are already enough barriers standing between us and good health. High cost, inconvenience, and inaccessibility should not be among them.”


Bob Guest, CEO of Arcadia Group, which developed Amazon Choice, said in a statement that One Drop’s evidence-based, clinically effective diabetes management platform has proven to deliver results at a fraction of the cost of the current standard of care.

“This collaboration presents an opportunity to achieve our mission to deliver accessible, affordable and actionable offering in the consumer medical device space,” he continued.

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