Astrology Can Help You Unpack Your Relationship to Money & Here's How

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Money is a super personal thing. We all have inherited beliefs, everyday habits, and material constraints that inform how we approach our finances. It makes sense, then, that your astrological birth chart — an equally personal snapshot of all the planets and points in the sky at the exact moment of your birth — can reflect your relationship to money. 

That’s right: Astrology offers insight into everything from your spending habits to your biggest money hang-ups. This information can be incredibly helpful as you embark on your financial empowerment journey. The question is, how can you go about accessing it?

First, you’ll need to pull up your full astrological birth chart. You can use this helpful online generator from one of my favorite astrologers, Chani Nicholas, or any of the numerous astrology apps out there. To calculate this, you’ll need the exact date, time, and geographic location of your birth. (Don’t know the time off the top of your head? Consult your birth certificate… or call your mom.)

Once you have your birth chart handy, you’ll want to zero in on a handful of planets, or celestial bodies that reflect different parts of your personality and life’s purpose. Certain houses, or subdivisions of the chart associated with specific areas of life, are also relevant here. Read on to learn more about which parts of your birth chart can tell you about your relationship to money.

Look to Venus for your values… and spending habits

Even people with a passing interest in astrology know Venus is associated with love, beauty, and pleasure. What’s less commonly discussed is how this powerful planet can also articulate your financial inclinations.

Astrologer Aliza Kelly, author of This Is Your Destiny: Using Astrology to Manifest Your Best Life, says your natal Venus placement — in other words, the zodiac sign this planet occupies in your birth chart — represents your values and resources. “Oftentimes, we’ll use Venus as a tool to determine which types of ways you like to experience money,” she tells SheKnows. This includes where and how you like to spend and save.

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