Callback for the Brie-cheese – risk of Listeria germs

Cheese “Marquise de Siméon” is being recalled due to Listeria

In the production of cheese contamination with Listeria is possible to be a serious Problem. Controls of the product “Marquise de Siméon” have shown a high content of Listeria Mona cytogenes, is a health hazard for consumers. Therefore, the French manufacturer of the “kind in North de la Brie” initiated a comprehensive recall.

The current recall of the cheese “Marquise de Siméon is concerned” with all the shelf life from 18. February 2019, and the Los marking “EAN:4046896107702”. As the identity mark of the manufacturer is specified “FR 77.436.001”. Available in the cheese in several Discount chains, markets and supermarket. “The product is not suitable for consumption”, the warning of the manufacturer. A return could be made in the business, where the cheese was purchased. The purchase price will be refunded to the customers, of course.

Because of the evidence of an increased Listeria content of this cheese is called back-of-date. (Image:

The consumption is strongly discouraged and will

The French cheese manufacturer, has not prompted in light of the health risk posed by Listeria, all of the consumers to consume the product “and the food involved in your business returns and / or destroy the food.” It was noticed, the contamination during routine checks of the product.

Signs of infection note

You should have the cheese already consumed, in the coming weeks, more on possible signs of infection. Up to eight weeks, the incubation may take time, so that a connection with the original source of infection is often not directly apparent. Consequences of infection with Listeria monocytogenes can be, for example, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, and headache, but also impairments such as paralysis or Tremors. In children, immunocompromised persons, the elderly, and in Pregnant women, a particularly severe course and often in Pregnant women, the risk of a miscarriage. Signs of infection in people who have consumed the product should consult urgently your doctor and to the consumption of the product instructions, the notification of the manufacturer. (fp)