Can mineral water be bad?

Can also be mineral water bad? What do you observe?

Water can rot, because mold egg whites and sugar need to Grow and water does not contain this. Water bottles with a date of minimum durability is yet. We explain why stagnant water can cause infection with bacteria and germs.

At least durable

Minimum durability does not mean that something is automatically bad, if we consume it after this time. In the case of water in plastic bottles is usually „at least one year haltbar“, in the case of glass bottles there are two years.

Bottled water in unopened glass bottle holds almost unlimited. Water is exposed to the air, to be colonized by various microbes quickly, viruses as well as bacteria. (Image: v. poth/fotolia)

Why is water acidic?

Since water contains no protein or sugar, can rot or ferment. Open stored, takes up water, however, CO2, and thus carbonic acid is formed. This lowers the pH a little and the water tastes a little sour. For the health this is not a Problem.

After two days in the open air, multiply microbes, especially bacteria. Especially on the bottle’s edge set. Even if several people are drinking from a bottle, can viruses and bacteria spread – this is a good way to catch a cold to catch.

Germs in the open water

Open water can contain a lot of germs, the infection will cause disease. These include adenoviruses, which infect particularly the upper respiratory tract, norovirus, causing diarrhea, Shigella, infections of the colon cause and Coliform bacteria, which cause damage to the bowel, and Giardia lamblia, which ignite the small intestine.

Unsanitary Environment

The greatest dangers to go around however, not from the water itself, but from the unsanitary environment to the water. So microbes such as Legionella in biofilms of life, and these occur often on the walls of water pipes, and particularly to rust. The Biofilm consists of the waste products of various micro-organisms, which feed on rust. Ideal conditions for Legionella at temperatures of about 20 degrees to about 55 degrees.

Shelf life of unopened bottled water?

What happens if the specified date of minimum durability is exceeded in the case of closed bottles of water? You don’t have to worry. The information center of German mineral water assured that water in glass bottles is unopened, more-or-less indefinitely.

What about plastic bottles?

In the case of plastic bottles it is not quite so harmless. To duration could remove substances from the plastic in the water and, with time, penetrates the air in the bottles and change the taste of water. Especially when the bottles are in the heat of the substances can penetrate from the plastic into the water. Further can be formed from the plastic bottles on the duration of hormone-like substances, whose effects on health are not sufficiently researched.

Tap water is just as high as bottled water

In Germany, tap water is not only a cheap Alternative to purchased bottled water, but also a good one. It is in this country, strict and often controlled. Purchased bottled water may contain a multiple of materials, such as lead and arsenic than tap water. However, it also applies to bottled water: Many types of water sections in the Test well, but there were negative exceptions.(Dr. Utz Anhalt)