Covid test: 99p Covid tests now available online ahead of Government scrapping free tests

Coronavirus: Lifting restrictions 'right thing to do' says Eustice

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Residents in England are days away from losing access to free Covid testing. Moving to the next phase of the pandemic, the Government is scrapping free lateral flow tests for the majority of citizens, barring specific groups such as hospital patients and social care staff. As cases soar, the move seems ill-judged and potentially dangerous to many.

Fortunately, you can now order a lateral flow test online that does not break the bank.

Global medical supplier Medisave has launched an affordable COVID-19 lateral flow test Kit for only 99p.

The UK Government-Approved Covid test kit is suitable for self-testing with results within 15 minutes.

The kit can be ordered online for personal home or workplace usage. Next day delivery is available.

Medisave believes that this low-cost COVID-19 test kit will transform the market and ensure affordability for individuals and workplaces following the Government announcement that free testing will end on the 1st of April 2022.

According to Medisave, its supplied test will be several times cheaper than many high street chemists. The test can be ordered online from

The Government’s latest decision

From 1 April, symptomatic testing will be free only for certain groups, such as hospital patients and social care staff.

However, the Department of Health and Social Care has yet to give details on which other groups will be eligible.

Scrapping free testing marks a significant change in how we live with the virus, and means that most people will no longer be able to order free lateral flow tests through the NHS or get a PCR test on demand.

There have been growing calls to reverse the policy decision in the face of a rampant resurgance of Covid.

Rising cases are once again placing pressure on the NHS and leaving people in the dark may seem wrong-headed.

In the week ending 19 March, the UK recorded a million cases in a week.

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