Dangerous germs in the bathroom? How often should you your towel really change

The Problem: Even when the towel appears clean at first glance, frolicking germs in it that can endanger our health.

The warm-humid climate, which prevails in most bathrooms, especially in those without a window raised to the power of the Problem. Because a wet and warm environment is a Paradise for bacteria and other pathogens. And in a towel holds moisture particularly well, so that bacteria find almost ideal conditions.

These are the most common towel error, each of us has done it once already:

Several people share a towel

All the people living in the household and share a towel. This may practically sound, but nasty in reality quite beautiful. So researchers at the University of Arizona in 2014 showed that 90 percent of the towels in the bathroom regularly with fecal bacteria in contact – particularly if several persons use the towel at the same time.

So, if multiple people in the household after the toilet the hands washed very thoroughly and then towel dry, spread more germs. So can distribute approximately coliform bacteria in the bathroom, because they multiply in the towel rapidly.

We change the towels too rarely

The towel looks clean, so it must not be changed. Or? This can be a big mistake. Most people are surprised when they hear how often you change your towels in the bathroom. Hygiene experts recommend to change the towels every three days. If someone is sick – for example, with a flu is even more common. Added: Reliably a Sixty kills the first degree-wash the germs, as the consumer notifies Central.

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We use a towel for several parts of the body

For different parts of your body different towels should be used. The towel that dries the hands, should not be used on the face. Because: in Spite of thorough washing of hands end up in the towel for the hands, most of the bacteria. To transmit this to the face, should be used for hands and face not necessarily two different towels. The micro-biologist Charles Gerba, who led the study at the University of Arizona, said: “the one Who dries his face with this towel, stuck his head in the toilet.” This is impressive.

We dry the towels in the wrong

The Dry the A and O. If towels are wet stored, can develop fungal spores and germs. Therefore, they should be after the shower to the radiator. And who has carried out around the towel after a visit to the swimming pool all day in the pocket, is it better in the washing machine.

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