Deadly being alone: loneliness makes you ill!

Are mental diseases associated with more and more Single-person households?

More and more people in Germany live alone, and the trend of constant rising. The Trend of the ever growing one-person households can be associated with more mental disorders, as a recent French study shows.

Lonely are sentient people more susceptible to mental illness

The researchers the results of their study have been published ends recently in the journal Plos One.

The research team reported that living Alone is 1.5 – to 2.5 – suffer times more likely to have a mental illness than other people. Among the common mental disorders of depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. In the study, all age and gender groups were taken into account.

The researchers show in their study, however, whether this is alone life, the reason for occurring mental disorders. Also, the temporal sequence was not investigated. However, it was found that lonely feeling, a statistical correlation between living Alone and the disease.

Reasons for the common life Alone

One reason is the constant increase in life expectancy, for example, is. Other reasons for the declining marriage and birth rates to ensure that more and more people live alone, of course there are also people who choose this form of life.

Data from recent years have shown a tendency

As the Federal Statistical office published already in the year 2016, were holding 41 percent of all households in so-called single-person households, a proportion that was significantly above the EU average of 33 percent. In addition, a Finnish study from the year 2012 to develop the likelihood, within eight years of Depression showed increases in living Alone 80 percent.

Large Study

The research team at the University of Versailles analyzed for their study, the data of 20,500 people from England at the age of 16 to 64 years who had participated in the years 1993, 2000 and 2007 at the “National Psychiatric Morbidity”survey. The mental health of the participants was determined by using Interviews and questionnaires. In addition, the researchers used the data collected to size and weight, alcohol dependency, drug use, social network, as well as the feeling of loneliness.

In all three years, the proportion of one-person households in the survey of 8.8 to 9.8 and finally, 10.7 percent. At the same time, the Rate of the most common mental disorders increased from 14.1 to 16.3 and 16.4 percent. In all three surveys, there is a statistical correlation between living Alone and the incidence of psychological disorders was observed. The biggest factor is the loneliness was there, if someone felt lonely, was the risk of a mental illness at the highest


The study by the University of Versailles will be built as carefully and important. Of course, there are people who choose to live Alone consciously for himself, for the persons of this life is to see the form also has a positive effect. However, solitude also refers to the involuntary loss of relationships.

In large cities a greater anonymity reigns, as she is haunted by mentally ill people often. If living alone would mean that relationships are missing, then the certain diseases could promote, on the one hand but on the other hand, it is a Symptom of depression, when people pull back.

It is also explored far-reaching, that loneliness has a negative impact on mental health. Therefore, stable and trusting social relations are the best protection for the mental and physical health.

Important for the future

As loneliness is Concerned, still a very great shame, therefore, to seek out a lot of lonely people with no help. Therefore, a lot of that comes from loneliness in a therapy never. The topic should be made in the future, socially more popular, to raise the awareness of people to keep an eye on your fellow human beings. Thus, lonely people should be shown that your loneliness is only your personal problem. Therefore, it must be ensured that people meet each other to dialogue and exchange.

Further diseases which can occur due to loneliness

Healing practice has, in the past, about the loneliness reported has a worse life expectancy than obesity. Furthermore, loneliness can often be a first indication for Alzheimer’s disease. (fm)