Eczema treatment: Parents invent own ‘miracle’ cream to cure daughter’s ‘sandpaper’ skin

Eczema treatments recommended by the NHS include emollients and topical corticosteroids. But these treatments don’t always work for everyone. One youngster who battled eczema so severe it resembled “sandpaper” has repeatedly been cured after her parents invented a “miracle” cream to treat it. Rosie Mukherjee, 9, suffered for years with dry, cracked skin on the backs of her legs, inside her elbows and neck that often left her scratching, bleeding and unable to sleep at night.

When one girl’s eczema resembled “sandpaper” her parents invented a “miracle” cream to treat it

Her parents, Caroline and Robert, tried countless moisturises and creams but nothing worked.

The couple, from Wickham in Hampshire, became so desperate they set about researching natural alternatives.

The Mukherjees met with an independent chemist and started formulating a gentle and healing cream themselves.

They claim, after just two weeks of using it on Rosie’s skin, it cleared it up.

In face, it was so effective Caroline and Robert went on to create their own international skincare brand.

Caroline, 41, who ran her own business selling children’s bath bombs and bath colour tablets called Mini-U and also has a son, Daniel, 20, said: “Rosie had been suffering from severe eczema for years and we tried literally everything including prescription creams and steroid creams but none of them worked at all.

“In fact, several made her worse.

“It was unbearable to watch as a parent, she was so itchy and her skin would often bleed and weep.

“Sometimes it looked like sandpaper and caused Rosie no end of pain. It took over her life at times.

“We all had so many sleepless nights that Robert and I decided to try and do something about it ourselves. We were up most nights searching for the right ingredients to make our own cream

“At the time, we didn’t know whether it would work but, like most parents, you try and do everything for your kids.”

Rosie’s eczema began when she was just three months old and she started to develop dry patches on the backs of her legs which grew progressively worse.

The Mukherjees tried applying a special baby moisturiser to Rosie’s skin, but it made no difference.

Eventually, they took their daughter, by now a toddler, to a doctor and she was diagnosed with eczema.

Caroline said: “Within a few months of Rosie first developing eczema, it had spread from her legs to the inside of her elbows and neck.

“The doctors prescribed all sorts of steroid creams and treatments but none of them helped. Rosie was also seen by a dermatologist who offered alternative creams which failed to clear the skin up. We really had reached our wits’ end.”

The skin cream Caroline and international sales manager Robert, 51, developed is anti-inflammatory and designed to heal, moisturise, reduce itchiness and create a hydrating, protective layer. They have also gone on to add other products including a natural baby shampoo, talc-free baby powder, nappy cream and hair and body wash. Rosie continues to use the cream and her skin remains clear.

Caroline said: “We spent night after night researching what the best ingredients for treating eczema were, online. Then we got in contact with a chemist through a friend and it took around three months to find the right mix to formulate the cream.

“When it was ready it took less than a fortnight of applying the cream to Rosie’s skin before it started to completely clear up -which was just incredible. We were amazed.

“From there, I guess with having my own experience of running Mini-U, we decided to go for it and turn selling Rosie’s cream into a business and Baby Kingdom Collection was born. We’ve had great reviews from people on Instagram and it has just been so fantastic that we have been able to help other parents treat their children’s eczema too.

“We refused to give up on finding a cure for Rosie’s eczema and we’re so happy it has worked and we’re able to see a big smile on her face again.”

Some experts have found certain supplements can help relieve symptoms of eczema.

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