Eye hazard: Henkel calls back bacteria and mold cleaner

The detergent manufacturer Henkel calls as a precautionary measure, the product “Bref Power bacteria & Mold”. It is warned that the spray head loosens, and the cleaning agent can come into contact with the eyes.

The customer should check the cleaning spray. The defective products are marked with the production number 17 and 18. Products with the paragraph 19 are not affected. The number of customers see the black numbers on the bottle neck of the cleaner.

“The product should not be used, even if it is a Sticker with the note ‘Certified bottles of quality’ should have,” writes the company on its recall Website Henkel .

Affected customers are asked not to use the product. To the bottle store and the free Bref-consumption advice 00800 80007060 or [email protected] contact.