Fitness blogger admits: I was addicted to diet pills

O-Tone Ashley Beeman:

“From 2013 to 2015, I was strongly dependent on diet pills and Adderall.”

With this confession, Ashley admits Beeman with their past.

The American woman works as an Online fitness couch.

To lose weight, swallows you for a long time medication.

In addition to diet pills you get from your doctor, and the ADHD drug Adderall prescribed for.

Adderall is by the effect with the drug Speed comparable.

O-Tone Ashley Beeman:

“I loved it. It was the Hammer. I no longer had to eat, I had to make a Sport more. I didn’t have to do more of these things, and I’ve seen still results. I laugh, but this is of course nothing you should take lightly. I’ve become addicted to these results, and I’m addicted become then, to experience all of this without the hard work.”

By the drugs the mother of two children, loses 17 pounds.

For a long time her life had been one Fake, reported the 34-Year-old today.

O-Tone Ashley Beeman:

“It was a lie, and in all levels of my life. And I shared everything online. The Ashley of the past … If anyone from this dark secret would be known … I have shame felt, I felt guilt, I felt bad that I lied to you in the social networks. But I was so crass that I saw no way out. I was the woman that could celebrate the results. But no one knew what went on behind the Scenes. And that is why it is so important that you believe everything you see online.”

2016 Ashley to leave the Addiction behind and rolls up her life.

With your history you want to shake up.

O-Tone Ashley Beeman:

“I share my story now in the Public domain. Firstly, because I think that you need not be ashamed of that, and because this epidemic of diet pills and stimulants, and how easy it is in the USA, to get at them, the lives of many people destroyed.”