Get A Firm Body With Kim Kardashian’s Fitness Routine

Kim Kardashian never misses a beat when it comes to health and fitness! The way we see it, the socialite has the tools to help fitness enthusiasts stick to their diet commitments! With her busy schedule, she always finds the time to ensure set goals are accomplished, no matter what it takes! For a fact, Kim loves food and with the image portrayed to the public, you may wonder how she manages to keep it in such good shape.  


The past year has seen the star documenting her weight transformation journey with the help of her trainer, Melissa Alcantara. The fitness coach, who is also a trained nutritionist, notes that Kim not only wants to change her look but also keep in good health. Alcantara told E! News that Kardashian workout roughly 6 days per week for an average 60-90 minutes, rigorously (for sure, motivation is the only thing that can get you to eat picky and still workout!)

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star has a strict gym plan that includes rounds of deadlifts, squats, shoulder presses, and bench presses…whew! Though the exercises change from time to time, these are a must. With a schedule as this, you will definitely have a firmer look even after a week! But aside from the intense physical activities, dieting is highly important to achieving results. You can visit her website to see her set daily food choices.

Kim’s diet is diverse with a mix of all nutrient groups. However, food choices may be altered when exercise routines change. Working with a four-meal course daily, it includes three full meals and a snack, (protein, fat, and carbs). Kardashian keeps her fans posted through social media, and with her recent photo, the plan works! She records feeling much stronger and has a firmer grip on her body.   

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