In a clinical study Patient after a stool transplant in the United States died

In the United States, a Patient in a clinical trial died after a stool transplant from an infection with a multidrug-resistant bacterium. A second Patient was ill, informed the US food and drug administration FDA.

The stool sample of the donor had not previously been examined for these bacteria, and it said. For more Details, the FDA was not known initially.

Safety requirements in Germany "very hoch"

A number of similar studies would be interrupted until the Parties could demonstrate that the samples were sufficiently investigated, said Peter Marks of the FDA, the "New York Times". In Germany, the security requirements are such studies already "very hoch", Maria Vehreschild of the University of Cologne said. It is, therefore, "zuversichtlich", such complications in Germany could be avoided.

Stool transplants to help against some intestinal infections, worldwide research is on-going. It is to be specifically recycled feces from the intestines from a donor into a patient is transplanted, so this gets a healthy intestinal flora.