J.Lo Just Posted A Nearly Naked Instagram, Showing Off Every Inch Of Her Toned Body

  • At age 50, Jennifer Lopez just posted a nearly naked Instagram, showing off her toned body.
  • The photo was posted to promote J.Lo’s new Spanish-language single, “Baila Conmigo.”
  • J.Lo stays fit by working out regularly and eating a strictly healthy diet.

It’s kind of amazing that Jennifer Lopez bothers to wear clothes at all. I mean, have you seen the woman’s Hustlers intro? Well, in a new Instagram post, J.Lo is nearly naked, and people are freaking out.

The post features a still of Jennifer to promote her new Spanish-language single, “Baila Conmigo” (a.k.a. Dance with Me), and the singer, actress, all-around badass looks straight-up amazing, as only J.Lo can do. She’s working some kind of chain mail thingy with straps that criss-cross her back—aaaand that’s it.

Her legs, arms, and butt are bare, and damn, she looks fit AF. Oh, and the song sounds great, too.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, people freaked out in the comments. “How??” wrote one fan. “So gorgeous,” said another. And, of course, there were enough fire emojis to burn down all of Instagram.

While J.Lo no doubt has some great genes, she’s also been upfront about the fact that she works really, really hard for that toned body.

J.Lo regularly shares pics of herself on Instagram, getting her sweat on at the gym and while training for her role in Hustlers. And then there was that whole intense 10-day no carbs, no sugar challenge she and fiancé/ultimate gym buddy A-Rod did earlier this year.

Jennifer’s also super careful about what she puts in her body on the reg. She skips anything containing sugar and tries to avoid processed foods as much as she can. She also takes a pass on caffeine and alcohol, and instead loads up on protein, focusing on whole sources like egg whites, white meat turkey, chicken breast, grass-fed beef, salmon, or sea bass.

And that is how she can look super comfortable wearing next to nothing.

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