J.Lo’s Latest Bikini Pic Shows Off Her Incredible Abs—Here’s How She Keeps Them Toned

Alex Rodriguez just posted the most jaw-dropping photo of his fiancè, Jennifer Lopez, on Instagram, and we are speechless. The pic, which went up on Sunday, shows Lopez wearing a skimpy white bikini with her washboard abs on full display. 

“Baby, I know you’ve been killing it in Russia and you’ve got one more show to go,” he wrote in his caption. “Miss you and I can’t wait to see you back at home!”

This isn’t the first time the 50-year-old singer has shown off the flawless abs she's worked so hard for; Lopez has posted dozens of abs photos to her own account. So how exactly does she get such a chiseled midsection? 

One of J.Lo’s trainers, David Kirsch, previously shared with Health one of her go-to moves: side-plank oblique crunches. 

“It’s perfect for when you need to focus on shaping and toning not only the obliques but the entire core,” he said.  

Another of J.Lo’s personal trainers, Tracy Anderson, previously revealed to Health some of the superstar’s other moves, including a flexed knee pull and arabesque, a lifting side kick, and a shoulder balance with leg pull. You can see the full workout in this video. 

BRB, heading to the gym to try these out right now. 

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