London Marathon 2019: How to prepare the day and night before a marathon

The London Marathon 2019 will kick off this Sunday, April 28, so the the last-minute nerves will be kicking in soon.

It’s understandable to feel a little anxious as the race day nears.

And the last few hours leading up to the race you will want to make sure all your hard work will pay off.

For those planning to embark on the gruelling 26.2 mile London Marathon, what you eat, drink and do in the run-up to the event will have a big impact.

In the last 24 hours stick to what you know, don’t go risky and try something new.

Avoid heavy sauces, high-fat foods or too much protein.

Lay your kit out the night before so you don’t need to worry about finding everything.

The race starts early, and the last thing your nerves need is running around to find your missing socks.

Hydration should start before the marathon day itself.

If you wake up and start guzzling litres of water you will feel sluggish and probably need the toilet straight away.

Experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water a day, but if you are going to run a marathon the next day you need more.

The Institute of Medicine recommends 13 glasses for men and 9 glasses for women.

Stay away from caffeine and alcohol the day before as it can cause dehydration and might disrupt your sleep.

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