May be eaten out sprouted potatoes?

Out sprouted potatoes are still edible?

If potatoes are stored for a longer period of time, there’s a chance that they will germinate. They can be then eaten or you should throw them away is better? Answer this question health experts have some tips for proper storage.

Solanine can cause poisoning

Potatoes with Drive and with green Bodies can contain the dangerous substance, solanine, and should be sorted out better. Because depending on the recorded amount of solanine can cause poisoning with symptoms such as dizziness, headache, stomach pain, Nausea and vomiting, as well as Scratching and Burning in the throat. In a high dose of the substance may be, according to the experts, even fatal.

Proper Storage

As the Federal centre for nutrition (BZfE) explains on its website, is the toxic solanine is heat stable and passes in small quantities into the cooking water.

Therefore, the following applies:

  • Potatoes in a dark, cool, and store in a dry place, because under the influence of light solanine.
  • Potatoes, in any case, peel, or peel, because the potato peel contains solanine.
  • Green and germ approaches contain solanine, and should be generously removed. If the majority of the potato is concerned, it should no longer be consumed.
  • Bitter-tasting, strong germinating, or wrinkled potatoes are not consumed.
  • Cooking water, don’t also use, because solanine is water soluble and heat stable.
  • Especially small children should not have any potatoes with a bowl of food.

Sprouted onions and garlic tubers, however, are safely edible, because their germs do not contain any toxic substances.

Potatoes cook better than frying or deep-frying

In addition to the Shoots, and green should be, above all, the preparation of the potatoes followed.

Because, as the scientists said, can shorten fried and deep-fried potatoes the life expectancy.

This increased risk is not observed in boiled and steamed potatoes. (ad)