Mum, 44, transformed her body in six months with simple lifestyle changes

After the birth of her youngest daughter, Rachael Sacerdoti, from London, weighed over 14 stone.

The 44-year-old stay-at-home mum struggled with her weight and her feet would regularly turn red and swell when she walked.

The mum said that after giving birth in her early 30s and gaining weight, she had “lost herself” and “didn’t know who she was”.

The woman struggled with food her whole life and developed “bad food habits” that included snacking extensively.

However, she has now managed to improve her diet and lifestyle – a change which allowed her to lose weight.

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She told The Mail: “I had extremely bad food habits and lived on carbs and sugar.

“None of my meals had protein, and I was constantly snacking on white bread, jam, and fried foods.”

She also added that she never gave herself enough time with several previous attempts to lose weight over the years.

However, she managed to make consistent and sustainable changes in the end without getting help from an expert.

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Rachael’s new food regimen focuses mostly on homemade, healthy and protein-packed dishes instead of processed or frozen foods.

She started eating “good carbs” like quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato, and wholemeal bread.

The mum also swapped to chickpea and lentil pasta, and added protein in the form of chicken, turkey, eggs, fish, tofu, tuna, cottage cheese, and Greek yoghurt to her daily menu.

The last addition to her diet was leafy greens so that she felt “full” after eating and didn’t restrict herself.

“I really didn’t want to feel like I was on a diet or that I had to eat tiny portions,” she said.

Furthermore, the 44-year-old spent a portion of her every morning exercising to help her weight loss journey.

Rachael fell in love with the new routine and eating well and managed to lose 4.7st in about six months.

As her eating habits and exercise routine improved, her confidence returned as well. “I loved the way I looked,” she said.

Now, she offers a wellness programme that is a mix of fitness, nutrition, and accountability to help others.

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