Mum looks unrecognisable after rollercoaster shame sparks 8st weight loss

Tracie Lord, 38, gorged on ­takeaways until she tipped the scales at nearly 22st.

But an action shot of the 5ft 11in mum being hurled through the air at a Florida theme park shocked her into slimming.

Tracie said: “When I got on a ride and staff strapped me in, I felt my flab bulging out of the bars. As the ride whirred into action and lifted off the ground, I felt disgusting.

“When I saw the snaps, my jaw dropped and my cheeks burned with shame as I realised how big I’d become.”

Tracie, pictured left after shedding the pounds, would order takeaways at least four times a week.

The personal assistant, from Wigan, Lancs, also raided the office vending machine for chocolate and crisps after skipping breakfast.

Just a couple of hours ­later, Tracie would head to the local shops to buy enough lunch for two.

As a tall woman, she never considered she might be overweight.

Tracie added: “From the age of 18 to 37 I put on about 10st and for a long time I didn’t even notice.

Because I’m tall I was always used to being bigger and even thought I ­carried the weight quite well.

“On rollercoasters my legs were rubbing on the seat but I thought it was because I was tall.”

The penny dropped for the mum that riding solo in the extra large seats was down to her size 24 frame, not her height.

On the back of her family holiday to Florida in September 2017, Tracie ­researched clean eating and join a gym.

Now breakfast is back on the menu, with protein ­porridge, ­followed by soup for lunch and a home-cooked meal for dinner.

Husband Stephen, 39, has also joined her on her weight-loss journey, shedding six stone himself.

Tracie said: “My husband and I would share a starter for four people before having a main and a side each as our general takeaway.”

When Tracie returned to the same theme park a year later – eight stone lighter – her experience could not have been more different.

She explained: “I wasn’t moved from the normal seats and the rides were actually comfortable.

“We’re going again this September and I can’t wait, I just wish I had shifted the weight earlier.”

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