Overweight, apparently, for a quarter of Asthma cases in obese children responsible

Connection between weight and Asthma diseases in obese children

In the past few years, various scientific studies showed that Asthma risk increases due to Overweight. A recent study suggests that obesity for around a quarter of all Asthma diseases in obese children.

More and more children are to thick

In Germany more and more Obese. Also, many of the children and young people are much too thick. Health experts warn against the risks due to Obesity. Obesity at a young age can have dangerous health consequences, and, among other things, the risk for Asthma in children.

Numerous diseases could be avoided

A study with health data from more than 500,000 children in the United States suggests that obesity accounts for about a quarter (23 to 27 percent) of the Asthma cases in obese children.

As the researchers of Duke University and the staff of the National Pediatric Learning Health System (PEDSnet), said in a message, this could mean that approximately ten percent of all children may have been avoided in age from two to 17 years of age with Asthma the disease by maintaining a healthy weight.

“Asthma is the chronic disease. 1 in the case of children. Some of the causes, such as genetics and viral infections in childhood, we can’t prevent,“ said Jason E. Lang, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Duke University and lead author of the study.

“Obesity is probably the only risk factor for Asthma in childhood, could be prevented. This is further evidence that it is important that children remain active and at a healthy weight.“

The results of the retrospective study were published in the journal “Pediatrics”.

Data of over half a Million children analyzed

To reach their conclusions, the researchers analyzed data from 507.496 children, or more than 19 million visits to the doctor in six major children’s health centers.

The data were entered between 2009 and 2015, in a clinical research data network called PEDSnet.

Those who were classified as Asthma-sick, had received a diagnosis at two or more doctor’s appointments and even a recipe, such as, for example, for an inhaler.

Also, Tests of lung function confirmed that they had the disease.

Children were classified as obese – People with a Body Mass Index (BMI) at the age of 95. Percentile or higher for their age and gender – had to suffer a 30 percent higher risk of Asthma than their peers with a healthy weight.

Asthma did not affect only those with obesity. Also, children who were overweight, but not obese (BMI in the 85-94 percentile), compared to healthy peers, also a 17 percent increased risk of Asthma.

The researchers calculated the risk of developing Asthma on the basis of several models and adjusted for risk factors such as gender, age, socio-economic Status, and allergies. The results remained similar.

Prevention of Obesity at a young age

Long, according to the study had several limitations. The data were to visit while the doctor and not in a controlled clinical trial collected.

According to Long-further research is needed to prove that Overweight and obesity lead directly to changes that contribute to Asthma. Because so far, the scientists can not explain fully how and why this happens.

Researchers have examined hypotheses, the possible differences in the development of the lungs and Airways of children with Obesity and inflammatory changes in the body due to obesity show, said Long.

These and other findings, such as, for example, that Asthma is often improved by weight loss, suggest that according to the study authors, however, that obesity plays a key role in or directly responsible.

“I think it is reasonable to Worry that there is a causal relationship,” said Long.

“It seems as if for children who are overweight or obese, the risk of Asthma increased significantly,” says Lang.

And this significant increase in draw “attention to the importance of prevention of obesity in an early age”. (ad)