Period cramps can be as painful as having a heart attack, doctors admit

Most women experience period pain at some point in their life.

From a slight uncomfortable twinge, to agonising cramps that require time off work, the experience of menstrual pain varies hugely.

But if you’re in the latter camp, scientists finally have vindication for you.

New research shows that period pains can hurt as much as heart attack.

John Guillebaud, Professor of reproductive health at University College London, told Quartz period pain can be as “bad as having a heart attack”.

Even more interestingly, he added that he believes the pain has been long overlooked because it doesn’t affect men.

“Men don’t get it and it hasn’t been given the centrality it should have,” he said.

“I do believe it’s something that should be taken care of, like anything else in medicine.”

And current guidelines for treating pain associated with that time of the month is inadequate.

Frank Tu, director of gynaecological pain at NorthShore University HealthSystem also supports this belief.

He told the publication many doctors are taught that ibuprofen “should be good enough” when this is often not the case. 

A fifth of women suffer period pain bad enough to interfer with day to day activities. 

Recently, it was even suggested employers give female employees ‘period leave’. 

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