Pre-tan before going on holiday in the Solraium to protect the skin?

Prevention Advisor, informed about the risk of skin cancer by pre-tan Solarium

Soon, millions of people flock to the Sunny vacation. For many Tanning on the beach. There is a persistent rumor that a so-called pre-tan would prepare in the Solarium the skin for the upcoming holiday. Be it radiation, a protection against the UV and in order for skin cancer, so many people think. But what do the experts say? We have asked the German cancer aid on this topic.

With each visit to the Solarium, the risk of skin cancer increases. This applies to the German cancer aid, according to „also, for the pre-tan before the Urlaub“, so the clear answer. Nevertheless, you could prepare that supports the skin stays Outdoors for the upcoming summer.

Tanning beds are used in particular to prepare for the summer holiday. Many believe, for their own protection from the UV rays improve significantly and to be thus, for the intense sun in the South better equipped. The German cancer aid points out, however, that tan is not a sign of a healthy skin, but only on a limited protective function against carcinogenic UV-radiation.

Visits to the Solarium increase the risk for skin cancer

The main risk factor for skin cancer is UV radiation. This includes both natural sunlight as well as artificial radiation in the Solarium. You do his skin any favors, if you vorbräunt before the holiday in the South, in the Solarium.

“By pre-tan in the Solarium, a self-protection of the skin is achieved, which corresponds at most to a light protection factor of 6. In the summer sun, the good is as good as nothing,“ explains Prof. Breitbart, Chairman of the German Association of Dermatological prevention (ADP). “The harmful effect of UV-radiation is unfolding in full. Who goes to the Solarium, bought, there is an increased risk of skin cancer.“

The intensity of radiation in solariums is a maximum allowable maximum value will be limited. This is the highest Irradiance that can be achieved by the natural radiation from the sun to the earth. That is why skin doctors recommend as well as national and international health organizations, such as the world health organization (WHO), from any and all use of Sunbeds.

Prefer Outdoor walks for the preparation of

The German cancer aid is committed to raising public awareness of the dangers of solariums. Together with the ADP you in favour of tanned skin as a sign of health and beauty.

“Who wants to start in the summer, accustomed to his skin now, due to short stays in the Free to the sun gradually and take additional protection measures,” says Gerd Nettekoven, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation German cancer aid. This includes the avoidance of the midday sun, Wearing sun-friendly, airy clothing, and Applying sun protection products on all the free parts of the body. Detailed information about the topic of skin cancer prevention the guide offers “in the right light. Cancer risk factor in the Solarium“, which can be downloaded for free at the German cancer assistance is required. (sb)