Rolex: This is a false Ecstasy pill can be fatal

The use of Ecstasy, may be fatal, is known. But now a pink pill with a Rolex watch was discovered in Zurich-the characters, the effect is again much more dangerous. Especially the consequences of an Overdose can be fatal.

The consequences of the use of a pink colored pill, which was discovered in Switzerland, are fatal. In Zurich, a highly dangerous Form of Ecstasy is in circulation, the street workers on-the-spot “as one of the most dangerous pills” that you’ve ever seen – this is the Swiss Internet portal “ is reported”.

The youth Advisory “street work” I discovered the pill that have printed the Logo of the watch brand Rolex, and examined. The dangerous of the drug was not that it contained, as usual, MDMA, but PMMA. According to “20 minutes”, the effect of both substances, that the pupil of the consumers are wide, and his pulse increases, however, the desired mood-enhancing effects of Ecstasy remains in the case of PMMA. In addition, PMMA acting only after an hour, MDMA is already after half.

Danger to life due to Overdose

The Affected handles to the second of these-in General, high-dose pills, were the consequences of dangerous. In combination with MDMA, the material developed according to the information of “20 minutes” a threatening interaction: The body temperature increase to 40 degrees, it come to high blood pressure, loss of consciousness, coma, fatal respiratory distress, cardiac failure, arrest, and organ.

Alexander Bücheli, Deputy head of the youth consultancy “street work,” warns against “20 minutes” of the consequences: “In Europe there has been deaths in which PMMA was in the game.” In Northern Ireland, had died in the year 2013, eight people after they have consumed the PMMA-containing drug, even in these cases, the pill have worn the Rolex sign.

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