Safe drug therapy for the elderly

With increasing age the number of medications is increasing frequently, the frailty of the patients but also. Both Older together makes a very vulnerable group for drug-related problems. Pharmacists can and want to help you avoid this, as in the case of a Symposium of the Federal chamber of pharmacists (BAK) in Berlin.

The focus of the pharmacist on the Over-70-Year-olds is important, because in this group every Second takes, on average, permanently, three, or more medicines. “Each poly-medication carries with it risks,” said BAK-President Dr. Andreas Kiefer. With the number of medications taken, the risk of serious adverse reactions, and interactions increases.

Someone needs to keep track of the increasingly complex drug therapy of older patients. You are overwhelmed so often, as Evelyne Hohmann, managing Director of the country’s Association self-help of Berlin, pointed out. Multiple Intake times of the day and special features, such as Fasting taking certain medicines should be noted and with the end of the day in a coordinated manner. For older people this is just too much. You and also the support Belonging to help, if a pharmacist assist you with advice and updating the medication plan, in the case of drug therapy.

Pine explained that pharmacists are able to recognize in the context of a medication management drug-related problems and the physician and the patient propose possible solutions. "When the different professional groups working closely together, we can make a lot verbessern", the BAK-President.

The need for action, especially in the elderly patients is large, and also stressed Professor Dr. Petra Thürmann, Chair of Clinical pharmacology at the University of Witten-Herdecke. The problems of pharmacotherapy in the Elderly could solve no healing vocational Profession, whether Doctors, pharmacists or Nurses, alone. A better exchange between all stakeholders, it is therefore important – and will desired, according to surveys, the vast majority of patients. “This is a clear mandate of the patient, we must healing implement care professionals,” said Thürmann.


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