Shamrock Shake, Watch Yourself—DQ Just Brought Back Mint Oreo as the Blizzard of the Month

Hello, March! We welcome you with open arms, mainly because of Dairy Queen’s ~excellent~ judgement in the Blizzard of the Month.

It’s minty. It’s green (because St. Paddy’s Day, duh). Most importantly, though, it’s full of OREOS. Yes, fellow DQ fans—the Mint Oreo Blizzard is baaaaack, which means all is right in the world again.

DQ posted on social media a few days ago to reveal March’s Blizzard. “No other mint treat compares to the Mint @Oreo BLIZZARD of the Month. Get your own and taste the truth for yourself.”

And speaking from personal experience, the Mint Oreo Blizzard really is exactly what you want mint-flavored ice cream to be. DQ has the mint flavor down to where it doesn’t taste like you’re eating a spoonful of really cold toothpaste, and the Oreos mixed in are a perfect crunch. Plus, Oreos are Oreos. They objectively enhance any dessert.

No other mint treat compares to the Mint @Oreo BLIZZARD of the Month. Get your own and taste the truth for yourself.

DQ fans took to Twitter to share their excitement for Mint Oreo’s return.

It’s official. Mint Oreo Blizzard and I are in a committed relationship.

dairy queen brought back my favourite blizzard, mint oreo, for its march blizzard of the month and now it’s like…where is the most convenient dairy queen I need to delight in this ice cream again

Nothing will ever beat a mint Oreo blizzard from DQ😭😭

For another minty treat at Dairy Queen, you can try the new Mint Shake. Available as either a shake or a malt, the frozen drink is made with mint syrup, milk, and creamy DQ vanilla soft serve.

Based on some Twitter users’ reviews, the Mint Shake is going to give McDonald’s Shamrock Shake some major competition.

dq mint shake> mcdonald’s shamrock shake

Well since @McDonalds Shamrock Shakes seem to be nonexistent in Tampa, I tried the new @DairyQueen Mint Shake, and guess what? It tastes better. Thank you DQ

March: Mint Oreo

8.1/10 – Instagram knocked off Snapchat Stories and made them better. In the same way, this blizzard takes the “Shamrock Shake” and gives it an upgrade. DQ’s mint ice cream is more subtle, allowing the texture of the Oreo crumble to effortlessly blow you away.

Mint-lovers, I’ll see you at DQ this month.

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