Starbucks Is Selling Half Off Espresso Drinks Today, So Here's How to Score the Special

Your day is about to get a whole lot brighter. And you, my friend, are about to experience the caffeine high of all caffeine highs because Starbucks is serving up half-priced espresso drinks March 21—and that’s TODAY!

The happy hour special, which will run through 3 p.m. at participating locations, excludes hot and cold brewed coffee, Frappuccinos, and Starbucks Reserve drinks. And while that might mean a deviation from your typical order, that still leaves roughly 50 beverages to choose from. So, when you think about it, they’re kind of doing us a favor. Thanks for narrowing it down!

If you haven’t already downloaded the Starbucks mobile app, I have two questions: 1. Why? and 2. What are you waiting for? You’ll need it to score your discounted espresso. Once you’ve signed up for the rewards program, you’ll be able to claim the exclusive offer through your app inbox. And though the deal requires a grande size at the very least, go big or go home.

In February, the brand announced their plans to switch up the rewards program. And though change is hard, when it comes with the promise of free drinks, it’s really not so bad—at all. As of April 16, all members will be eligible to earn despite status. “Starbucks Rewards will move to a single-level program where all members can begin to earn stars toward free Rewards from the day they join,” a rep for Starbucks announced.

Even if you’ve worked for that gold status, fear not. You’ll no longer have to wait until you’ve collected 125 stars to cash in. You can instead redeem for smaller orders or add-ons. For example, 25 stars gets you an espresso shot or dairy substitute, while you can score a hot coffee, tea, or bakery item for 50.

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