Studies show that more and more Germans are suffering from loneliness

More and more people in Germany suffer from loneliness. This is according to a report in the “Rheinische Post” from the response of the Federal government to a request from the FDP. Thereafter, the loneliness rate has grown in the 45 – to 84-Year-old from 2011 to 2017 to about 15 percent in each of the age groups, with even 59 percent.

There are also problems at young people. Every fourth says that he felt, sometimes, or rarely solitary, girls more often than boys. With reference to scientific studies, the Federal government comes to the conclusion that “in particular, social Isolation Occur, and history of chronic diseases adversely affected” and with increased mortality may be associated.

“We need a strategy to fight the loneliness”, demanded the FDP-health expert Prof. Andrew Ullmann. Innovative residential and mobility concepts, as well as the promotion of health literacy module. Urgently needed an expert Commission. In the face of loneliness the development of the cash advance sees, a German medical Association that “demand for medical, psycho-therapeutic and nursing services is expected to rise sharply”. The health insurance companies should recognise that in perspective, the budget would have to fall in order to Finance the ever-growing power demand.