Symptoms of a cold palsy – a Mysterious illness spreads

In the US, a mysterious illness spreads currently. Affected are mostly children up to the age of six years. Often the Sick of the palsy suffer from symptoms. Still the medical riddles are where the causes of the “acute flaccid Myelitis”.

Cough, runny nose, fever, the initial symptoms of the disease seem harmless. But later, the children develop sudden muscle weakness and paralysis in the limbs. As the Bavarian radio reported, suffer some of the children in such a massive breathing is that you die of it.

Even if the disease is over – the paralysis may remain for a long time. The doctors grope in the Dark, the authorities in the United States are, accordingly, concerned.

What do you know?

The mysterious disease bears the name of "acute flaccid Myelitis". Alone in the year 2018, have been reported in the USA in 228 cases. Also in Germany there are already incidents surveys: Since 2016 120 children are suffering. Although it is still not known how the disease comes, you will know that the events occur in a wave. Every second year, the Numbers between June and November, add up. Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the US Institute for the control of allergies and infectious diseases, feared that the disease in 2019 could occur more frequently.

Dr. Fauci describes in the medical "Journal mBio" his presumption that there is a risk of the disease to a polio-like illness. Polio was especially in the 19th century. and 20. Century spread. It was only in the 1950’s, scientists have developed a vaccine. Today Polio occurs.

Washing your hands protects

However, the physicians investigate in a different direction. The "acute flaccid Myelitis" could also with the "Enterovirus D68" . This was discovered 55 years ago. The Virus can lead to respiratory diseases and neurological damage.

Treatable the disease is not yet – self-diagnosis, preparing the medical difficulties. Doctors are trying, so far, with the help of anti viral medication, Antibiotaika and steroids to combat the symptoms. Nevertheless, the disease continues to spread. Only hygiene measures such as regular washing of hands will help with the soap. Furthermore, Sick people should stay at home to infect others.