Teacher shocks with images of his tongue: energy drinks the cause?

The tongue of Dan Royals looks in the picture, like a normal tongue. It is discolored and partially swollen. Responsible for the Australian teacher makes for his excessive consumption of energy drinks. Up to six doses he is supposed to have the day to drink.

"This is what the crap with your tongue macht", Dan writes about this in the Facebook Forum "Get it off your chest". "Imagine what that stuff does to your organs." Over the years, the teacher Energy Drinks have drunk up to six cans a day. When he eventually got problems with his tongue, sought out Dan to a doctor. The told him then, that the Overdose had attacked of carbonic acid and Vitamin B, the tongue. He stopped then, the consumption of the energy supplier. Dan reported that the state of his tongue had improved as a result.

Energy drinks can have many effects

Whether the high consumption of energy drinks is really the cause of the diseased tongue, is unclear. Nevertheless, it is repeatedly discussed about the dangers of the drinks. The consumer advice centre warns on its website against excessive consumption. Accordingly, adverse effects such as insomnia, Nausea, high blood pressure, heart Rhythm problems, or even a circuit could occur collapse. Reason should be the high caffeine content and other ingredients such as taurine, sugar and Guarana.

In the case of the Australian it could be different according to media reports, the rare disease of “map tongue”. It can occur suddenly and the tongue discolor.