The latest method to stop Smoking: cash

According to British researchers, financial incentives may be smokers can help to combat your nicotine addiction. The amount of the offered sum was not of great importance. This method could save people’s lives.

A research team from the University of East Anglia in the UK Norwich evaluated 33 different studies involving more than 21,600 participants, in which US-Americans, Europeans, Thais and Filipinos had participated. The trial participants were divided into two groups: The nicotine addict in a group was offered cash or a voucher to you to hold from Smoking. The control group was not promised any reward.

Trial participants were observed for half a year

The participants were monitored in terms of their abstinence for at least six months. In the process of breath and body fluids were investigated for the persons under medical supervision. Caitlin Notley, the lead researcher, presented the results. This showed that the likelihood to quit Smoking increased by 50 percent, when the participants money was offered. Even after the reward has been paid out, had been the success rates are.

So about seven percent of the people stopped in the control with the Smoking. The experimental participants were remunerated, it was approximately 10.5 percent. The Research should have also found that the amount of the reward makes no difference. The financial incentives varied between 40 and 1056 Euro.

Method could save lives

Since some studies have examined the phenomenon in Pregnant women, it could be concluded that the effects would be also in pregnant women similar. Since the quality of some trials was inadequate, the researchers, however, are not ready to take more detailed statements.