Tight legs, firm Butt: Four effective Exercises for Whitney Simmons

What woman does not dream of a beautiful, round-shaped Butt and tight legs? Regular strength training workouts with Weights can bring this dream a step closer.

And also men should leave this part of the body is not neglected. Finally, the stability of the lower part of the body is also when Training back and arms.

But no matter whether man or woman, in the Workouts by Whitney Simmons each comes guaranteed at his expense. Because the power woman relies on intensive Exercises with heavy Weights.

Four Exercises for the Gym

So in your current Instagram Video in which she demonstrates four Exercises that challenge the Muscle fibers in the legs and buttocks specifically.

Due to the required equipment, the Workout is only for members of fitness studios. All Gym-goers, the make happy to take on new challenges, will find pleasure in this Training certainly.


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Exercises for the legs and the Butt

Accurate execution and heavy Weights that encourage the muscles – as Whitney Simmons designed their Workouts the most. And so the Exercises work:

1. Sumo Squats – 4 Super Sets

The first Exercise challenges the muscles in the legs and buttocks to keep the tension here.

  • Do this zunnächst four Sumo Squats. Each time you Squat, you pause twice: First, for two seconds at the lowest point of the execution, and then again two seconds after you have set up in the half.
  • After you’ve completed four of these Sumo Squats with breaks, follow four more Sumo Squats – but this Time without the breaks.

Eighth execution on a stable Stand to maintain, and the power, especially with the heels spend. So you will make sure that especially your Butt, and your rear legs are trained.

2. Sumo Deadlifts – 4 Sets

This Exercise looks like it would be very tiring for the upper body, mainly the legs are required.

  • Position yourself in a wide stance, toes are turned slightly outward. Position a barbell over your feet.
  • Squat, back, sliding the hips and the bar, grab about shoulder width.
  • Pull your shoulder blades back and contract your legs, as well as the centre of the body.
  • To tell you controlled by pressing your hips forward. Lift the weight until it is legs in front of your upper.
  • From lowering the bar slowly until it touches the floor – which was a repeat.

Important: make sure execution is the fact that your head is in extension of the spine, and you don’t überstreckst him by looking up.

3. Kettlebell Romanian Deadlifts – 3 Super Sets

If your muscles are not shaking yet, you will do it after the next super set with security. This is a combination ausRomanian Deadlifts and Squats.

  • Perform first a Deadlift: Stand in a shoulder wide stance and hold the Kettlebell with arms hanging in front of your body.
  • Bend forward and the hips slide slightly to the rear, so that you can feel the tension in the posterior leg muscles. The arms remain stretched out, the shoulder blades pulled back.
  • If you’ve reached the deepest Position (the weight is located just above the ground, your back is parallel to the ground), and the Squat it.
  • This you do by going into the squat. Here, you swing the Kettlebell with arms outstretched to the front. After that, you you back on.

After you have executed this combined Exercise ten Times, follow ten "normale" Romanian Deadlifts. After this, you’ve done a set.

4. Exercise Ball Curls, and Bridges – 3 super sets

The last Exercise – again a super set – the rear leg muscles of the Rest. First of all, twelve Hamstring Curls on the series. The special thing about it: you are running on a gym ball.

  • Lie down on your back and place the Ball under your heels.
  • Winkle, now your legs by controlling the Ball with your feet towards your buttocks move. Out of range, then again without the Ball slipping.
  • Right after twelve Glute Bridges follow: Your legs stay in the angled Position, from which you lift your pelvis and lower.

Tip: if shaking your legs towards the end to a very, so that you can’t keep the weight on the Ball, you can finish the Exercise on the floor.

Four Exercises that will have

Three challenging super sets in a Workout? Whitney Simmons' The training unit is, as is so often very demanding.

The combined Exercises by the long strain, not only the heart rate fast, neat, in the height of the raised muscles get particularly strong stimuli.

Especially the Po, as well as the rear thigh muscles will get their money. But even in the lower back and between the shoulder blades muscle soreness is likely.

Due to the unusual movement combinations in the super sets of the muscles new stimuli, whereby the growth is stimulated, which is why light Weights to start.

If you’re the movement usual, you can gradually increase the number of sets and reps and the weight slowly.

Important: A correct and clean execution is for the muscle building more important than to train with as heavy Weights.

Cornelia Bertram

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