Too much time in front of the TV leads to a decrease in memory performance

The TV reduces our memory performance?

Children do not often hear from their parents that too much television is not good for the health. But not only children should watch TV a little time, even older people should take account of this advice. To spend too much time in front of the TV, leads older people to a significant decline of verbal memory performance.

The scientists from the University College London found in their current study, that when older people spend every day more than three hours in front of the TV, this will double the time occurring memory loss. The doctors published the results of their study in the English scientific journal “Scientific Reports”.

If we spend a lot of time in front of the TV increases, the decline in memory performance.
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How did the time in front of the TV?

The study included 3.662 adult subjects. All Participants were subjected to an interval of six years, to various Tests. The results show that the more television watched, the stronger the decline in verbal memory performance. If people saw an average of less than three hours per day watching television, it led to a decrease of approximately four to five percent. The Participants watched more than three hours a day on the TV increased this decline of memory is already at an average of eight to ten percent. Might time caused in front of the TV cognitive Stress, which contributes to degradation of Memory, report the researchers.

Television keeps us from mental functions to receiving activities

Elderly people, the more television, the company of rare activities, which help to maintain your mental functions, such as, for example, based activities to reading or interactive screen play, such as the use of the Internet or Playing video.

The advantages of the television

The television can also provide benefits such as education benefits through documentaries and relaxation benefits to relieve Stress. Overall, adults over the age of 50 years should try to ensure that the television with other contrasting activities will be brought in line, advise the scientists.

Limit your time in front of the TV

The experts added that the television could represent a risk factor for the Occurrence of dementia, warned however that further investigations would be required to establish a connection. If you are concerned that the number of in front of the TV spent hours could have a negative impact on your health, you should limit simply the daily viewed Television set. Instead, you should spend your time with some activities, which are as healthy as possible and her heart stimulate. (as)