Using your phone for five hours a day is linked to obesity

We’ve all heard that using our phone too much can have adverse effects on our mental health, but a new study suggests it increases the risk of obesity too.

The research, carried out on 1060 university students, found that those using their phone for five or more hours a day had an increased risk of obesity, by as much as 43%.

When it comes down to it, it’s simple science. Being drawn to a phone leads to a decrease mobility, therefore posing a serious risk to health due to inactivity.

The comprehensive study followed the students for six months from June to December 2018.

Out of the group, 26% who were overweight and 4.6% who were obese spent more than five hours a day on their device.

It also found that participating men were 36.1% likely to be overweight and 42.6% likely to be obese. Women were 63.9% likely to be overweight and 57.4% likely to be obese.

The university group were also more likely to have lifestyle habits that put them at a greater risk of conditions such as heart disease.

Students were twice as likely to indulge in sugary drinks, fast food, sweets and snacks as well as have decreased levels of physical activity.

Mirary Mantilla-Morrón, a cardiac pulmonary and vascular rehabilitation specialist who led the study, said: ‘It is important that the general population know and be aware that, although mobile technology is undoubtedly attractive for its multiple purposes, portability, comfort, access to countless services, information and entertainment sources, it should also be used to improve habits and healthy behaviours.

‘Spending too much time in front of the smartphone facilitates sedentary behaviours, reduces the time of physical activity, which increases the risk of premature death, diabetes, heart disease, different types of cancer, osteoarticular discomfort and musculoskeletal symptoms.’

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