Vitamin C is my magical ingredient: Sapna Pabbi

Actor Sapna Pabbi was studying finance in London when she first started modelling. However, acting came to her by luck. Paving her way through, the actor did TV shows, movies and now a web series – not afraid to act in any. As we spoke to her, she was enthusiastic, chirpy and humble. Here’s what she had to say about fashion, food and more.

I love ripped washed-out denims. They are casual and look, effortlessly, chic. I love the ones in which the knee falls out, it makes space for one to move and is comfortable. Usually, I like teaming it with a checkered shirt and boots.

Ripped denims! One can team it with anything and everything – a printed T-shirt, a vest or even a shirt.

Kate Moss. I love the way she keeps her looks simple but adds an element of edginess. She carries everything very effortlessly and doesn’t go overboard ever.

I’m a foodie but I believe in organic and homegrown food. We had a garden where we grew fresh vegetables. My father is a chef, and I get it from him. If not acting, I would start something in food which would be all homegrown. I make mayonnaise, dough and everything. The taste of fresh food is very different from packaged food. Everyone should opt for this. Also, as a part of my daily chores, I start my day with black coffee, ghee or coconut oil. This flushes out toxins from your body and detoxifies it. Ghee is a very important ingredient that our body needs. I love a bowl of fruits a day. Talking about workout, I do Pilates and can’t live without it.

I would suggest not to pressurise your body when it comes to working out. It’s not about looking great but about feeling good, nothing can make you look good other than the twinkle in your eyes. I also recommend stretching for a flexible body.

The toughest part for me is acne. Stress affects your skin the most and acne is a result of it. So, to control acne, I apply vitamin C. I go for vitamin C facials or use cleansers with them. Moisturising and cleansing are two steps to glowing skin.

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First Published:
Apr 04, 2019 11:11 IST

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