Workout: This Exercise is a real belly bacon-Killer

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Plank – in addition to Squats, Jumping Jacks and co. whole-body Exercise is currently one of the most popular Workouts in the Fitness Blogger.

That is, the forearm support. Here, you train with the body’s own power – and not only back, legs, hips and buttocks, but also the abdominal muscles. Regularly and consistently exercised, Planks the annoying belly fat slowly but surely disappearing.

Tell the bacon in the fight with Planks

The Great thing about Planks: every Day about 2 x 30 seconds sufficient for the positive effect already. You should create at the beginning or 30 seconds, then the Exercise try to hold for 10-15 seconds and to continue to increase.

Important: in order To your muscles a challenge, you should bring variety to the Workout. For all Exercises: body voltage is the A and O! Three Plank variations, we introduce you to:

1. Elbow Plank

Lie down flat on the floor and place the arms so that the elbows are parallel to the shoulders. The lower and upper arm by 90 degrees should result in angle.

Lift the torso, the hands you put flat or in a fist on the ground. The feet with the toes from the ground. Hold for 30 seconds, the body all the time tense. Here is an example for the Elbow Plank:

2. Raised-Leg Plank

The starting place for this Exercise is a Plank, the same as in the Elbow. Lift the right leg upwards and hold the Position briefly. The process you repeat with the right leg. The result looks like this:

3. Side Plank

Side Planks require a bit of Practice, but ultra-effective! This is how it works: lie on your side and support you with the right elbow on the floor. Support the left Arm in the hips and with the feet of the Mat, the buttocks while lifting.

Stretch the left Arm in the air. Then move to the other side. A Fitness blogger shows on Instagram, how it should look:

Who has it in for the bacon: Plank-variations for the whole body you can read here.

Julia Are

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