Bindi Irwin's Adorable New Photos of Her Daughter Grace Warrior Shows She Really Puts the ‘Wild’ in ‘Wildlife Warrior’

Bindi Irwin and the entire Irwin family are as dedicated as can be when it comes to their wildlife research, and it seems that their passion is already rubbing off on one-year-old Grace Warrior! From helping out by feeding the animals to learning more about the animals at the Australia Zoo, Grace definitely has the wildlife warrior gene!

On Sept 23, Bindi uploaded a few photos of Grace and her doing research, with Grace stealing the show with her “wild child” antics. Bindi uploaded the photos, saying, “Grace absolutely loves being a wild child in Far North Queensland on The Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve and helping us with wildlife research! Although, she has decided she doesn’t like hats so you can find me as her shadow and hat shelter everywhere we go. Any advice? 💛”

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In the first photo, we see Bindi trying to get that darn hat on a pouty Grace, followed by a snapshot of Grace helping out fellow wildlife warriors at work! We end the heartwarming post with two pictures of Bindi reading to Grace (with Bindi caving and wearing the hat!)

Not only are we obsessed with these photos, but so is papa bear Chandler Powell who commented under the post, “She’s so cute on the job❤️.” (We obviously agree!)

We wonder what wildlife activities Grace will find herself in next. No matter the task, we know she’ll get it done (even if it’s a bit wilder than anyone bargained for!)

Bindi and Powell welcomed Grace Warrior, 1, on March 25, 2021, exactly one year after their wedding at the Australia Zoo.

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