Bindi Irwin’s Daughter Grace Announces Big News About Her ‘Bunny’ in the Most Adorable Way

Attention, everyone! Bindi Irwin’s daughter Grace has a very important announcement about her Bunny (aka, her grandma Terri Irwin). Robert Irwin shared a video of the announcement, where you can see Grace looking so proud of herself as she says it.  

“Bunny has Instagram!” the 2-year-old says in the video  —. And can we please take a moment to admire her adorable tiny toddler voice?! — As Grays says “Instagram,” she raises both arms over her head to make the news even more exciting. Grace is dressed in an adorable yellow Winnie-the-Pooh shirt with blue shorts, and her brown hair is in messy curls around her face.  

“That’s right.” Robert replies, “Bunny has Instagram!”

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Later, Robert meets up with his mom, who revealed that her son is teaching her how to use Instagram.

“I’m so excited to be joining Instagram! I’m kinda new at this, so Robert’s going to help me,” she went on. “And I’ll sneak in a few baby Robert photos,” she added, making Robert groan. Parents love finding new and creative ways to embarrass their children, don’ they?

In the caption, an excited Robert encouraged people to follow Terri on Instagram “It has finally happened people!!!! My mum has joined instagram!!! Go give her a follow @terriirwincrikey ☺️”

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