Brittany Mahomes’ Throwback Photos Show Her Daughter Sterling Is Going to Be Her Exact Lookalike

People have been saying for years now that Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes’ daughter Sterling looks like a perfect mix of them both. However, this new photo of Brittany from her childhood shows that Sterling is probably going to be an exact lookalike of her mama in no time!

On Feb 2, Brittany uploaded a photo in collaboration with Bio Steel Sports with the caption, “If I could give myself one piece of advice when I was a young girl in sports… it would be:

“Be proud of who you are and where you came from. Always be yourself and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t! ” #NationalGirlsAndWomenInSportsDay #TeamBioSteel.”

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In the first photo, we see Brittany as a child, rocking her childhood soccer uniform with her pigtails up, followed by a snapshot of her now in her black workout look, looking positively radiant as she works out at the gym.

Not only do we love that she’s showing her lifelong passion for sports and physical wellness, but we can’t get over how much her daughter Sterling looks like her in the first pic! Seriously, we already knew they were going to be a lookalike pair, but this photo just proved that even further.

To say everyone is freaking out over the similarities is an understatement, because Brittany’s comment section is flooded with comments by fans who also see the lookalike features. One fan wrote, “OMG! That is Sterling grown up!” Another fan added, “Sterling was literally copied and pasted 😂”

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