Cash paid in the future the down syndrome blood tests

The Baby is trisomy 21? A blood test can answer this question relatively reliable. Expected to be available from the autumn of 2020, the health insurance companies will pay for at least for at-risk pregnant women under a narrow set of conditions this Test. This was decided by the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) of Doctors, statutory funds and hospitals. The decision will be submitted to the Federal Ministry of health for review and does not occur only in force, if this be objected to him.

Taken advantage of the new Fund performance can be expected until the end of 2020. Until then, an information brochure must be created and approved.

“Only in justified individual cases,”

Possible the new Fund performance is to cases, but “only in justified individual” for women with high-risk pregnancies after a medical consultation, coupled with certain mandatory information. The blood test could be taken on by the office, “if in the scope of medical prenatal care, the question arises whether there is a fetal trisomy may be, and this is for the Pregnant woman in an undue burden,” it says of the G-BA.

Through the “very narrow circumstances” will clearly and unambiguously stipulated that the blood test will not be used as an ethically untenable, “Screening”, said the G-BA Chairman Josef Hecken.

The aim is to avoid, according to G-BA, the risks of the otherwise necessary invasive amniocentesis, which is used for more than 30 years, and Fund performance.

The blood tests are offered since 2012, the Pregnant women, at their own expense.

For the Tests, the Pregnant women is removed from the tenth week, the blood. On the basis of the contained chromosomes parts of the child or the placenta, among other things, the probability can be calculated, with the help of the child would be coming with down syndrome to the world. The accuracy is according to the manufacturer, at 99 percent. In addition, about one out of a thousand women incorrectly receives the Information, your child will have trisomy 21.

The number of abortions increases?

Critics fear that the number of abortions increases as soon as the testing of the health insurance companies are paid. According to estimates, up to 90 percent of the mothers choose mothers for an abortion, if you learn that your child has a high probability of down syndrome.

Live aid-the management Board Sebastian Urbanski about warned in the “SWR”: “the great danger is, because people are then weeded out, and that is a huge mistake.” As a result, the risk that there is sometime no disabled people in the world, said Urbanski, who has down’s syndrome. He fought also against Prejudices: “My life is great because I can reach very much.” Urbanski called for good advice and education for parents-to-be, so they would know what is in the womb with a child with down syndrome on you.