Comedians Liza Treyger & Kara Klenk Weigh In on a Reddit Baby Name Dilemma

Having a baby is no easy feat — and the difficulty starts before they’re even born, while you’re weighing a million options about what name you’re going to give them. The perfect baby name is hard to nail down, but one mom on Reddit thought her daughter’s name, Elsa — inspired by her love for the movie Frozen — was pretty close to ideal. It even had a built-in name option for a future sister: Anna!

However, her daughter’s pregnant stepmother had the same idea, and now the Reddit mom is positively fuming. How dare her ex and his new wife steal her future baby name! With Disney obsessions, divorce, and drama, there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to this baby naming dilemma.

We asked comedians Liza Treyger and Kara Klenk, hosts of the That’s Messed Up podcast, to weigh in with their thoughts, and they did not disappoint. Was the ex in the wrong (because, after all, he “doesn’t even like Frozen!”)? Can you really steal a baby name? Should the mom just … let it go?

Check out the video above — featuring hilariously sage advice from Liza and Kara — and be sure to catch That’s Messed Up, which airs weekly on the Exactly Right Media Network (also the home of My Favorite Murder and This Podcast Will Kill You) and available wherever you listen to podcasts.

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