DIY Baby Shower Favors That Don't Suck

If you’ve ever thrown a baby shower — or attended one, for that matter — you know that whatever the guests take home as a favor will either be the final nail in the coffin that was the shower (yes, I know this is a dark metaphor for an event celebrating birth, just bear with me) by adding a closing note of tackiness — or it will be a final, lasting reminder of just how awesome the party was. Yes, baby showers throw a few wrenches in the usual party-time setup (i.e., the guest of honor is not usually drinking here) and being around a very pregnant lady often causes emotions to run high (why-am-I-crying-right-now-it’s-just-a-tiny-pair-of-socks syndrome). But whether you have kids, don’t have kids, want kids or think children make the worst pets ever, you never know when you could suddenly be responsible for throwing a baby shower. So you’d better be prepared — with some of the cutest and most non-tacky baby shower favors and gifts around.

You may decide to say hell no to a baby shower for yourself, but if not, you want to make sure you throw one that guests will love almost as much as the guest of honor does; and that includes favors that aren’t, um, silly. But before your eyes glaze over looking at all the terrible favor ideas online — and before you devote three weeks to crocheting “bath scrubbies” that look vaguely like misshapen pot holders no one will ever use, relax. Repeat after us: I will not purchase tulle in bulk. And for everyone’s sake, do not go for the pun and give out bags of popcorn that say “About to pop!” (No one is going to eat it. You and I both know that.)

Instead, we’ve gathered 26 absolutely incredible — no, really, you will actually want to keep these final products — DIY baby shower favors guests will adore. Get ready to not only get bragging rights for making that shit, but also to make your baby shower the end-all, be-all of baby showers — a model for all baby showers to come. Yep, it’s that epic.

Spiked Lollipops

These lollipops are not only gorgeous, they’re super-easy to make and have some special ingredients to go along with that sugar high (hint, it rhymes with shmequila and bum). You can choose whatever colors you’d like and make them as small or as big as you want. C’mon, we all know you’re dying to make one the size of your head. Head on over to Sugar & Cloth for step-by-step instructions. Individually or grouped together, these lollies are as attention-grabbing as they are beautiful, and are sure to wow your guests.

Playful & Quirky Hair Ties

These fun hair ties are so quick to make you’ll have quite the collection for your guests to choose from when you’re through. Use old magazines or books, scrap paper, fun printouts and card stock to create a completely unique set for any occasion. You could even make them with old photos of your guests (because we all know Karen is dying to relive that time she thought a perm was a good idea.) Check out the tutorial at Handmade Charlotte for these perfect ponytail toppers or punctuations for your braids. 

DIY Dragon Fruit Ice Pop Soaps

These DIY dragon fruit ice pop soaps from A Beautiful Mess look good enough to eat, but don’t try — because they’re soap. Perfect for a summer baby shower, these are a fun twist on the old standby, the loofah/shampoo combo that is always accompanied by the pun “From our shower to yours!” They look really complicated but are deceptively simple and are made with chia seeds that act as an exfoliant. Add whatever essential oil you’d like, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful favor. 

DIY Painted Glasses

These DIY painted glasses from Handmade Charlotte are the most customizable favor there is. You can paint the date of your baby shower, a simple baby-related phrase like “Oh, baby” or “Ice, ice baby” or simply put each guest’s name. You can go super-simple with all-caps font or opt for some calligraphy. It’s totally up to you. The straightforward tracing method allows for that handmade look while keeping it cleaner than freehand.

Sand Terrarium

Honestly WTF has all the deets on making these incredible sand terrariums, which would also provide a great baby shower activity and gives you the benefit of having your guests do all the work. Just set up a table with the items needed and let them do their sand art thing. The contrasting sand colors are earthy and sophisticated, not to mention they look great as a centerpiece or on your bedside table.

Floral Room Spray

These room sprays are both functional beautiful. They offer a refreshing scent with your favorite essential oils. Adding a sprig of flowers or a pretty fern to the bottle adds a delicate sweetness we love. Fun fact: if you ask perfume stores for their old tester bottles, they’ll usually give them to you for free — just make sure you really scrub them clean before using. Head over to Design Love Fest for the full tutorial.

DIY Hanging Floral Sun Catchers

These dreamy sun catchers are a great favor for a summer shower, and whatever you have in your yard or garden can be used to complete these beautiful creations. All you need are wire, flowers, an iron and special paper, and you have favors that can double as decor for the party.

Clay Cactus Candleholders

How cute are these candleholders? With just air-dry clay and some paint, the sister team behind A Beautiful Mess transforms the boring into the adorable. To add to these unique shower favors, you could pair a couple of candles in fun colors. You don’t have to stick to cactuses, either. Free your inner first-grader and go nuts — make your candleholders into moon phases, plants, llamas… whatever your heart desires.

Hand-Painted Trinket Dish

Alice & Lois give you the step-by-step to making adorable catch-all dishes you can personalize with whatever word or words you’d like. Stick with “Love” or the date of your baby shower or even “Oh, baby,” and if you don’t like your handwriting, fear not — these gals have a foolproof, ridiculously easy transfer method that lets you get the perfect script every time and still get that coveted hand-painted look. 

DIY Rose Bath Bomb Bars

Bath bombs are both relaxing and entertaining, and that’s exactly what you want your baby shower to be. These floral bath bomb bars from Homey Oh My are not only super-easy to make, they smell heavenly and can be customized with your favorite essential oil. 


Some people who are on their second, third or fourth kid opt for a baby sprinkle instead of a full-blown baby shower — still with the weather metaphor, but less intense than your first baby shower. Go with that and give your guests tiny containers of custom sprinkles you can easily make by combining all the coolest-looking sprinkles you can find. Color-coordinate or go nuts and let your guests think of you and the baby when they top their next cupcake or ice cream with your sweet treat.

Candy Jars

If you have a shoestring budget or are throwing the shower together last-minute, this is the favor for you. It requires about 10 minutes to assemble your entire collection of favors, and whatever candy is left over, you can save for later while you’re helping write thank-you notes and binging The Great British Bake Off. No judging. You can even print a personalized sticker label right from home if you feel so inclined or just let the Swedish Fish speak for themselves.

Rosemary & Spearmint Bath Salts

Alice & Lois have done it again, this time with the best-smelling DIY ever. Help your guests relax and take time to themselves with this rosemary and spearmint bath salt DIY. It’s not like your guests need an excuse to take an extra-long bath, but these luxurious salts are that excuse. 

Bleach Shibori Napkins

You could do this gorgeous technique with any fabric: napkins, shirts or even bibs if you want to make it all about the baby. But the result is a stunning shibori effect that is sure to wow your guests. The folks at Paper N Stitch have the instructions to achieve this masterpiece, done with little other than beach, whatever fabric you choose and some clips.

DIY Candles

This is a really great DIY, complete with printable tag, to make a simple candle an incredibly cute shower favor. The printable tag says, “Shine your light to welcome baby into the world!” Your guests are supposed to light the candle when they hear the news Baby has made their grand entrance. How sweet is that? Julep has the how-to to make this adorable favor, so check it out.

Marbled Mini-Planter Vases

These tiny planters are adorable and perfect as a catchall for your guests to use when their own little ones bring in the flower they’ve picked or for things around the house like pens or matches. The step-by-step instructions are over on Paper N Stitch.

DIY Temporary Tattoos

We had no idea you could make temporary tattoos, but oh, man, did our weekend just fill up. These would make absolutely perfect baby shower favors and would be so fun for your guests. And according to the folks at Apartment Therapy, you can make a tattoo out of any image — the ultrasound, perhaps. Or is that weird? Yeah, that might be weird.

Denim Patches

If you’re having a shower with only a few guests and feel like splurging on your besties, gift each attendee a denim jacket or a tote bag and make a station by setting out a few iron-on patches and an iron. You’ll put the “do it yourself” in DIY and let your guests do the assembling themselves. 

DIY Marbled Mugs

These truly stunning marbled mugs from the geniuses behind The Merrythought look like watercolors. A three-second dip in a tub of water and nail polish make you an incredible artist, and your guests will think of you every time they drink their morning cup of joe.  

Homemade Pickles

Um, pickles? Yes, please. Not only are pickles and ice cream the cliché pregnancy craving (so high five for being on trend), they are delicious and ridiculously easy to make. All you need are jars, vinegar, cucumbers and pickling spices. Voilà! Instant shower favors. Pair your jars with a tiny tub of the mom-to-be’s favorite flavor of ice cream, and be sure you set a few favors aside for them for after the shower.

DIY Journals

These DIY journals from A Beautiful Mess are unbelievably simple to make, and your guests will be wildly impressed. You can customize with any color or pattern for the covers, and why not kill two birds with one stone? They can even double as your thank-you notes if you write a personalized thank you to each guest for coming to the shower. Look at you multitasking. 

DIY Flower Incense Bundle

If your shower is in the wintertime, these DIY flower incense bundles from Poppytalk are a perfect shower favor to remind your guests of the warmer weather ahead and combat the dreariness of winter. Using charcoal, dried flowers, honey and a few other earthy ingredients, these flower incense bundles are messy to make, but the end result is wonderful. If grinding and mixing isn’t your thing, Poppytalk also has a tutorial for a painfully simple DIY sage smudge stick that reminds you of heady days in unbroken sunshine; and that’s something everyone can look forward to almost as much as the baby. Almost.

Seed Packet Favors

If you want something quick, simple and with minimal supplies needed, this is it — not to mention the abundance of puns you can work into this one if you’re so inclined (and who isn’t?), like “Let love grow” and “Seeds of love.” Seeds symbolize new beginnings — so much symbolism in such a teeny favor. The gals at Right at Home did some embellishments with doilies, jute, cute tags and berry baskets that make this favor all the more perfect for spring showers.

DIY Wood & Copper Necklaces

Ready to raid your local Home Depot? This is another favor that could easily become a baby shower activity. Simply set up a station with bowls of beads, string and paint, and let your guests knock themselves out. Who knew hardware could be so chic? Check out See Kate Sew for the full instructions to DIY these gorgeous statement pieces.

Olive Tree Plant Favor

Who doesn’t like plants? These olive tree seedlings are the perfect shower favor, as guests can watch the plant grow as your baby does too. With some small pots, a few seedlings and a thank-you tag, you have yourself a sophisticated baby shower favor. 

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